Product Description

The Butterfly Frame has an ingenious design that will have you up, running and shooting in seconds. Unlike conventional frames there’s no assembly of the 4 aluminum sides of this frame. Hinged corners allow it to “pop up” just like the smaller PVC frames but with greater structural integrity – a quality you’ll appreciate in adverse conditions like windy days. Use the included white artificial silk diffusion material either overhead to soften harsh sunlight or vertically for a reflector or to punch strobe, tungsten or HMI light through. The provided solid black fabric is can be used to flag off the light, use as a background or create contrast with “negative reflectance.” Use the included Bungee Cord Set to fasten the grommeted holes on the edges of the screen to the sides of the frame to make the fabric taught

This kit is ideal for small productions or even single shooters. While you can always press an assistant into service to hold the frame, why not use the included accessories to mount it to C-Stands to create a large tilting screen? The included C-Stand Frame Clamps make it a snap. Made of the same sturdy aluminum that the frame is, each clamp slides onto the frame and is secured by 2 hefty polycarbonate knobs. Pressure plates are built into the jaws of the clamp so that there’s no danger of the tightened screw denting the frame. The 5/8″ diameter stud at the end of the clamp fits neatly into an optional grip head atop the C-Stand (purchased separately). The frame can then tilt 360 degrees between the stands.